Daily writing space

It will be hard to create a daily writing space, so it is imperative to take advantage of each minute you get, but how is this achieved?

The first thing is to understand that it is best to write in short periods, focused and routine, that for several hours of “writing this on the morning, while…”

If you decide that you can only devote three or four hours to writing a week, try to do it every day. It is better to have an exclusive dedicated half an hour (without phone, web, kitchen, mail or other interruptions) than to devote the whole Sunday morning to it.

If you write every day, even for short periods, you keep the story fresh in your mind all the time, allowing that mental development of writing that is so helpful. On the contrary, if you only do it once a week, you will waste half the time catching up and solving issues before moving on. The daily writing also keeps the creative muscle in better conditions. Yes, it is like gym.

On the other hand, small dosages of hard work are much easier to handle that long sessions. To write intensely for one hour is not a problem, but wanting to do it for four hours straight is not realistic. There will be interruptions, coffees, blockings …