Time to write

Writing takes time. The hours (days, months, years) that one spends trying to express the story imagined cannot be helped. That time is real, the word count that is produced in that time is real and the time that needs to be dedicated to it, fixed in your daily activities calendar, is real.

Even when it is known that writing takes time, there is a difference between taking time to write and making the most of the writing time.

Any time spent writing a work of enough quality to be published is time well spent; but, wasting time that you have assigned to writing, doing other things, is very easy (at least for me).

It does not matter how good a planner you are, even if you have given yourself months or years to finish writing your novel, you still need to handle the day to day; you need to try to find a constant and routine space of time in your busy life to actually work in your project.

It does not matter how busy a day you have, you can make time for the things you want. If you really want to do them.

You (if you are anything like me) want to write, but you may not have put this activity in your priority list. Despite the fact that there are things that you need to do, as most of us (work, family, pets, errands), it is necessary that the writing time is included in the organization with a label of “important”, so it is not easily discarded.